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Music Makes You Smarter Workshops
World Music Workshops
  • 6 to 12 week programs
  • One day Workshops

    Music Makes You Smarter Workshops are an after-school music course designed for elementary, middle, and high schools. Concepts of modern music making made fun for kids. Taught by Mark Tyson, a professional musician with 25 years in the music business. These workshops focus on how a song is made, from start to finish. Students will have live demonstrations as well as hands on learning. At the end of the course each student can have a CD with their own song, produced and recorded right there in the class with a music workstation and a 16 track Yamaha portable digital studio. Students will learn basic songwriting and recording concepts such as beat making, song conceptualization, sampling, and recording. read more

    MMYS One-Day Workshops are designed for full classroom demonstrations, and are available for all ages. These workshops can also be scheduled during the regular school hours, and run from 60 to 90 minutes.



3WM World Music Workshops are more advanced workshops that are perfect for high school and college students interested in ethnomusicology and music production. Our workshops range in style from Mid-Eastern/Turkish music, African drum & dance, Caribbean music, and modern music production(all styles), all handled by instructors that are experts/masters in their fields.


Guitar lessons also available - for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students, also taught by Mark Tyson - more info


learn to play almost any style - rock / blues / jazz / caribbean / world music styles